The Acta Illyrica Journal is a project of the Association for the Study and Promotion of Illyrian Heritage, Ancient and Classical Civilizations. This is a journal for publishing papers of scholars working in the fields of pre-historic and ancient archaeology, ancient history, Roman law and classical philology. The third edition of the journal is devoted to the Roman conquests in the territory of south-eastern Europe focusing on the region of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the consequences of these conquests. The editorial board will also accept papers on other topics if they meet reviewers’ criteria.


The deadline for submitting papers is 1 July 2019. The papers are to be submitted to the editorial board in an electronic form at the official email address Before submitting, authors are required to consult the Guidelines (template) available at the official website, as well as at the Association’s profile on


Before publishing, each paper will go through a double-blind peer review.